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This website was created to introduce viewers to what I have within my shop.  It does not change very much except for the GALLERIES and ocassional specials.


I also send out a FREE monthly newsletter which has pictures, stories and the my latest specials.  

To request to be added to my newsletter list--> send me an email at   granitestatetackle@gmail.com 

                                                                                                                                                                             Joe Catalano (Owner)

 Why do customer's return?

  *  A great selection of  fishing tackle.

      Joe also stocks "live bait". If you ice

     fish, Joe has all your needs! 

   * To talk with Joe!  He can tell you

      where people have been fishing,

      along with what bait might be best  

      to try.

    * He's fished nearly alll the NH lakes.


    * When you visit Granite State,  Joe C.
      will be personally be there 
to help

      you.  Not some unknowldgeable

     "sales associate"! 

     If you like fishing- you owe it to 

     yourself to visit Joe's shop.


Site Introduction:


Welcome to one of the biggest little shops in New England!  Joe Catalano opened Granite State Rod & Reel Repair Shop in 1967.  Joe has been a competitive bass angler for 40 years in additon to being a skilled salt water fisherman!

Joe SPECIALIZES in repairing REELS!  If you have a fresh or salt water reel that needs repairing-- the chances are--- Joe can fix it!  Reels can be shipped  to the shop--  repaired and shipped back, but ALWAYS CALL FIRST for details and a description of the reel and its issue.


Joe's shop has an amazing selection of competively priced tackle.  He specializes in fresh water tackle, but also has a nice assortment of salt-water equipment.


Whether you're looking to outfit  a child,  buy a basic rod & reel, need the hottest lures, or even a high-end rod or reel Granite State has it!



Granite State Rod and Reel Repair

Joe's shop?


These pictures will give you a rough idea of the contents of this shop.  The pictures in this site show only a small part of what it holds.  Come on by for a visit and check it out for yourself!


CLICK on one of the moving images to see a larger version.


Granite State
Rod/Reel Repair & Tackle Store Front













A very "unique" way

to cut a hole

in the ice!






granite state rod and reel, granite state tackle

Call for directions and remember Joe's shop is in

"tax free" N.H.!



We all know that many sites allow you to order on line. Joe doesn't do Internet orders on most shop items, though he does do a "bit" of eBaying specific items from time to time.   Honestly, part of what makes Granite State Rod/Reel Repair & Tackle so special is stopping by and hearing all of the "fish stories"!  You won't get that at those "big box stores".  You may not be able to order on line, but when you come in you'll get advice on what colors work, or where it has worked well.  It's worth the ride!